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Full Name: Melody Prima Ananda Divia
Nickname: Melody
TTL: Jakarta, January 18, 1995
Religion: Islam
Name of Father: -
Name of Mother: -
Hobbies: Acting, Singing, Modeling and Dance
Height: 168 Cm
Weight: 47 Kg

Model Video Clip
Band JACKET, Band SEVENDREAM, Band LAROCCA, Band Puja, Prince Band, Sahrul Gunawan, Band Payungi, Shaggy Dog

TV Advertising
  • Suzuki Motor Matic Ad Jet SkyDrive
  • SCTV Promo 2009
  • Print add Gen.fm Radio Promo

Melody PrimaMelody PrimaMelody PrimaMelody PrimaMelody Prima

Melody Prima Biography :

Melody Prima, the artist who is classified as a newcomer this is a girl born in Jakarta, January 18, 1995. Still young, and energetic making it a shining new artist. Melody Prima also has a beautiful face and captivating in this young age.

Melody Prima itself has been in the entertainment world since I was little visible talent, because since childhood he was very happy to style in front of the glass and happy in the photo as well. Melody Prima also had a bad experience when dating. Melody Prima decided her boyfriend fear of being disturbed concentration in the middle - the middle of her activities in the world of drag votes. Suddenly, the statement makes surprise her boyfriend, it turns out he also understands the circumstances of the Melody Prima and willing to accept these decisions have been made.

Melody Prima is better known by her as a sitcom actress and star ad, but the current Melody Prima in the world wanted to test its ability to pull votes to become a singer. She also involved in the compilation album "Friends Never Lost".

Lovely Wenda Cherry Belle

Wenda display the charm in the middle of the other members of cherry belle. Her beautiful face is similar with Chinese people. Oriental look make her easy to be recognized. She ever studied in China. She looks more fashionable because she get model basic. She knows how to put make up on her face, choose the right combination dress and accessories. Fans will look Wenda always beautiful. If you love Wenda, you become WendaAddict. You are just not alone because there are many fans that addicted to Winda.

Nail art Expert!!!

About and Facts Wenda Cherry Belle

~ Wenda is fluent in Chinese. He also lectures in china.
~ Wenda has the longest hair among other members.
~ Wenda is also very good at cooking.
~ Wenda called Ce Wewen by the fans.
~ Elementary School in Indonesia, Junior High is far in Malaysia, High School is further in Taiwan and University is more further in Beijing, China. But She came back to Indonesia again.
~ Wenda like nail art, red color, and Hello Kitty
~ Wenda most thugs behave in groups.
~ Wenda is mastering the field of makeup and fashion.

Wenda Talks about her life

If now there are alarms afternoon or evening, there are children who shout so, sister Wenda, sister Wenda so. Sometimes on twitter, there are mentions on My account. Sister Wenda was here, yes, now There are many people know. Almost everyday there will be odong-odong through my house and the song is cherry belle.

If you are very concerned about Wenda. See Wenda nails. Almost every show Wenda can change the look, style and color of the nail. It is no wonder, Wenda really like and expert in nail art.

Wenda Complete Profile and Biodata

~ Birth Name : Sarwendah Tan
~ Nick Name : Wenda
~ Position : Main Dancer
~ D.O.B. : August 29, 1989
~ Birth Place : Jakarta
~ Height : 165 cm
~ Weight : 41 kg
~ Hobby : Fashion, Nail Art, Acting, Cooking, Dancing, Singing
~ Favorite Food : Hot and Sweet Food
~ Favorite Number : 27
~ Favorite Color : Red
~ Idol : Hello Kitty
~ Spending Time : Shopping, Pampering and Caring herself, Nail Art, Listening Music
Countdown to Wenda Birthday

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